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Comic by Bryan Skinnell

A Blessed Easter to you. On April 16th, we hold as a very special and important day. April 16th is special and important because it is the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The question is how much do we "celebrate" the Resurrection?

I have spent most of my church life in Baptist Land. I have seen a number of Christmas and Easter holidays come and go. In experiencing those Christmas and Easter holidays, I have observed that Christmas is by far in every way the more celebrated holiday. Easter celebration really does not compare to Christmas celebration. Sometimes, I wonder why there is such a difference. The Bible teaches in I Corinthians chapter 15 that our faith and hope is anchored in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ not in His birth. Without any doubt All the Events from the Birth to the Resurrection are indivisible and vital to our faith. My point is about celebration. Is it not then reasonable that we should celebrate the Resurrection at least as much as we celebrate the Birth? I believe we should. Consider how you celebrate the Resurrection Season.