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Comic by Bryan Skinnell

Greetings and a blessed November to you. We have a number of special days to remember and observe in November. On November 1st is All Saintís Day, a time to remember those who have served the body of Christ throughout church history. We also have Veteranís Day to salute and honor those who have served in our Armed Forces. We are grateful for you. On November the 5th, we have election day. There are a number of important county and state offices that need a Holy Spirit led vote. Being Holy Spirit led is to have the Body of Christ, the Church, moving and acting as led by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, guide our vote!

November 28th is Thanksgiving! Let us give thanks to the God of Heaven who has called us unto His glorious grace through Jesus Christ and has, and is blessing us with all manner of blessings. Praise Him and thank Him.

Keep Looking Up,

Pastor Bryan

P.S. See Judy Pratt about Operation Christmas Child, Boone, NC. November 26th.